Standard Red-jacket Submersible Pump


Product description

Red-chaqueta de la bomba sumergible

Standard (Standard) red jacket submersible pump

Main function of the red jacket submersible pump

- A siphon, support China Unicom tank, to avoid the direct use of steel tanks security risks caused by China Unicom

- With 3 gallons / hour pipeline leak detection feature (with optional mechanical leak detector)

- With 0.1-0.2 gallons / hour pipeline leak detection feature (with optional electronic leak detector)

- A submersible pump can be supported with multi-fuel gun, according to pipeline length, diameter, elbow submersible pump models to determine

- Can be used for gasoline, diesel and gasoline 90% and 10% methanol, ethanol, TAME, ETBE, MTBE

- With a hot self-protection

- Can be manually adjusted pressure setting pipeline

- Prevents oil vapor, oil and gas pumping to avoid the phenomenon of oil

- Oil can be transported long distances