I accidentally added the petrol car to diesel! How serious is the consequence?


Everyone knows that there are two types of fuels, diesel and gasoline at the gas station. It is also reported on the Internet that the gas station staff mistakenly added gasoline to the diesel news. What happens if the gasoline car is mistakenly added to diesel?

Gasoline and diesel are fuels with different characteristics. In addition to high energy density, diesel has a difference from gasoline. Volatile diesel has a lower ignition point than gasoline but is not easily ignited due to its low volatility. Also because diesel is not easily volatilized in the air, diesel is better than gasoline in terms of safety. The main difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is the ignition system and the fuel supply system. Diesel is ignited by air compression and heat release, so diesel engines do not have an ignition system, but diesel vehicles are particularly dependent on the fuel supply system. Without sufficient injection pressure, the diesel can not be fully atomized and quickly injected. The cylinder pressure of the in-cylinder direct-injection gasoline vehicle that we have seen is already quite high, but the diesel fuel injection pressure is easily 2000bar.

Adding diesel fuel to diesel fuel will result in poor atomization of fuel. Some vehicles with lower compression ratio and lower injection pressure will not burn at all. If diesel is not completely atomized, it will affect the ignition performance of spark plugs. Therefore, the performance of general gasoline vehicles, If you add diesel, you will either turn off the flame or you will not be able to walk.

The problem of petrol vehicles plus diesel is very attractive, but before this problem occurs, you need to know that the oil gun has a larger caliber. If your car has no design flaws, the biggest problem is how to insert the gun into the gasoline car. In the fuel tank?

Diesel vehicles plus gasoline are called horror. The problem of gasoline vehicles and diesel is that people only care about fear and curiosity. However, it is necessary to pay attention to diesel vehicles plus gasoline. If you don’t pay attention to filling diesel cars with gasoline, then you really want to Prepare the money for overhaul.

With the compression ratio and fuel injection mode of the diesel engine, the gasoline may spontaneously ignite causing severe knock when the piston reaches the top dead center. Diesel vehicles have special oil pumps. It is said that diesel oil plays a role in lubrication. However, adding gasoline to diesel vehicles will cause abnormal loss of the oil pump and may even cause damage to the high pressure common rail system. The popularity of diesel cars in Europe is very high. There are many incidents of adding diesel cars to gasoline. If you find them early, don't start the engine. Just put the gasoline in the fuel tank and it will be fine. Europe even has special oil pumping. Rescue car.

All in all, in order to distinguish between diesel and gasoline, not only the caliber of the refueling gun is different but also the color is different. The fuel tank port of the petrol car is smaller, so it is difficult to add diesel fuel, but the possibility of the diesel car adding gasoline is even greater, and the consequences are Also more serious.